Dance as a Manifesting Practice

Everything we do is motivated by the feeling we get while doing it. The Idea that something in the future will eventually make us happy seems to stay just an Idea. These Ideas never seem to materialize or become something until we add the Feeling to it.

In the analogy of a sailboat – Ideas or Intentions are the steering mechanism while the Emotions are the sails that propel us forward.

Dance is a powerful tool to engage with your Emotional body, to deploy those sails that stay rolled and dormant within and bring those Intentions to life. It is the first physical expression of your intangible Idea… it is the first step towards fulfilling your Dream.

“Dancing between Heaven and Earth” is not just a metaphor – it describes the bridging process of bringing your Intention into material Reality.


Adrian travelled and worked in a wide variety of places from the most alternative and unstructured to the rigid high end corporate and government environments for the last 19 years. From camp counselor in upstate NY and gardening in off the grid communities in Northern California to engineering telecommunication systems for the aerospace industry and Federal Emergency Management Agency. As an expert engineer, he taught technical classes for major corporations and the White House Military Office during the Obama administration. Living in such different environments required constant adjustments - pushed him out of the familiar, breaking habits and challenged his beliefs. This rhythm became overwhelming and his body started to lose vitality and get sick. During a trip to California he encountered a great community of people that helped him reconnect with his inner wisdom using music, dance and native american practices. He quit his job and moved to California for more than 2 years to learn how to live again.

In 2011 Adrian encountered one of his most influential teachers Samantha Sweetwater at Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Desert and he started the Dancing Freedom Facilitator training shortly after that. He became a certified Dancing Freedom Facilitator in 2012, held classes in North California until the end of 2012 when he and his partner continued their journey to Australia. Since 2013, they are facilitating weekly Ecstatic Dance journeys and a monthly Cacao Ceremony in Brisbane.