Ecstatic Dance Brisbane takes pride in being the pioneer who introduced Ecstatic Dance, and Cacao Ceremonies to Australia.

This trend, born in Brisbane, has become a source of inspiration and transformation that captured the hearts and spirits of dance communities nationwide!

What sets us apart?
A Decade of Consistency and Commitment. We are the only event in Australia to have maintained a weekly rhythm for an entire decade, hosting over 500 events in many Brisbane locations.

This dedication enabled us to serve and support the Brisbane community during the most crucial moments of the challenging past three years, precisely when the demand for mental well-being and human connection was at its peak.

Our unwavering commitment has driven us to improve, year after year.
Today, our community enjoys a tapestry of unique offerings:

– The best wooden dance floor set amidst nature’s beauty, yet within the heart of the city.

– A Sensory Symphony – Immerse yourself in the journey with our high-fidelity Quad Stereo sound system and a synchronized light system, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

– Savor a one-of-a-kind Cacao Elixir, masterfully crafted from freshly ground beans. Complement it with vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free Bliss Balls and Chocolate.

– An Emotional Odyssey – Let our inspiring imagery and unique decorations guide you through an emotional journey, transitioning from Confidence, Courage, Joy and Love, to a Serene state.

– A Chillout Sanctuary – Find solace in our Safe Haven Chillout Space, where you can slow down and meditate at your own pace.

– Healing Touch – Guest Massage Therapists offer complimentary sessions during the event, making your experience truly holistic.

– Yoga Fusion – Embark on an embodied state before the dance with some of the best Yoga Teachers from a variety of lineages.

– Breathwork and Beyond – Special events include activating Breathwork and Cold Plunge workshops to invigorate your senses.

– Artistic Expression – Unleash your creativity with Face and Body Painting, guided by professional Makeup Artists, adding a burst of colorful vibes to your journey.

– Harmony in Sound – Experienced Sound Healers and Musicians ensure a smooth landing and integration of the Dance Journey.

– Blindfolded Exploration – At our Blindfold Trance events, external distractions vanish, amplifying your ability to enter a deeper state of awareness and process emotions better.

– World-Class Collaborations – We occasionally host events with International Renowned Artists and guest DJ’s to provide diverse enriching experiences.

Join us as we celebrate a decade of Ecstatic Dance in Australia. It’s not just a dance; it’s a transformative journey. Come and be a part of this movement that has redefined the conscious dance experience.

“Dancing between Heaven and Earth” is not just a metaphor – it describes the process of bringing your Intention into Material Reality.

Adrian Mornay

Our mission

Our mission is to create a safe and inclusive space where you can freely express yourselves through movement and music, fostering a sense of community, personal transformation, and well-being.

How we started

The first Ecstatic Dance Brisbane event happened in November 2013 in Northey St. Market, on the Cafe deck. We started by offering free outdoor dance events, to share with the community the practice that changed our lives.

For the first few times, Monica and I were the only ones dancing, while people curiously watched and enjoyed the music. The first ones that joined us were the kids that were playing nearby. The kids then began to drag their parents to join in and slowly the Cafe Deck was full of adults and kids dancing.

From 2014 we started to hire venues and continue what we started on the beautiful Cafe deck under the mango trees.

What do we do?

During ecstatic dance, participants engage in freeform, uninhibited movement, allowing their bodies to respond to the music without any set choreography or structure, promoting self-expression, emotional release, and a sense of liberation.

About us

Adrian Mornay

Adrian travelled and worked in a wide variety of places from the most alternative and unstructured to the rigid high-end corporate and government environments for the last 21 years. From camp counselor in upstate NY and gardening in off-the-grid communities in Northern California to engineering telecommunication systems for the aerospace industry and Federal Emergency Management Agency. As an expert engineer, he taught technical classes for major corporations and the White House Military Office during the Obama administration. Living in such different environments required constant adjustments – pushed him out of the familiar, breaking habits and challenging his beliefs. This rhythm became overwhelming and his body started to lose vitality and get sick. During a trip to California he encountered a great community of people that helped him reconnect with his inner wisdom using music, dance and native american practices. He quit his job and moved to California for more than 2 years to learn how to live again.

In 2011 Adrian encountered one of his most influential teachers Samantha Sweetwater at Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Desert and he started the Dancing Freedom Facilitator training shortly after that. He became a certified Dancing Freedom Facilitator in 2012, and held classes in North California until the end of 2012 when he and his partner continued their journey to Australia. Since 2013, they have been facilitating weekly Ecstatic Dance journeys and a monthly Cacao Ceremony in Brisbane.

Monica Mornay

Monica’s bio