Live in Brisbane

Yaima – the renowned Cascadian Folktronic Duo, will be performing live in Brisbane on their first tour in Australia.

Step into the Majesty of Transformation: Concert Experience with Yaima. 

Immerse yourself in a one of a kind Concert Experience with Yaima at Ecstatic Dance Brisbane in Ashgrove.

Featuring Multi-Instrumentalist & Producer Masaru Higasa and Vocalist Pepper Proud has often been described as timeless and unmistakable, offering a balanced synergy of both the masculine and feminine expression.

Join us for a night of blissful movement, music, and connection. You’ll start with the Ecstatic Dance signature warmup, a gentle and relaxing way to tune into your body and breath. Then, you’ll feel the energy rise as you groove to a progressive musical activation, specially designed for this event.

And finally, you’ll immerse yourself in the spellbinding sounds of Yaima, that will ignite your soul with their unique blend of folk, world, and electronic music. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the magic of Yaima and Ecstatic Dance!

Inspired by the Majesty of Nature, their musings encompass the listener with driving and revitalizing organic rhythms, transcendent electronic production, warm soothing female vocals and heartened lyricism.

Their intention is to create a bridge between Nature and Humankind, an expansive experience that encourages growth and graceful passage for the hearts and minds of their listeners.

The name YAIMA emerges from two sources one from the Mapudungun language meaning “that which water runs through” and the other from the culturally preserved Yaeyama District of Okinawa Japan. Now, YAIMA’s music has been reaching the ears and hearts
of listeners from all around the world.

Time table:

– 5:30 pm – Doors open – arrive and connect

– 6:00 pm – Warm up exercises – a combination of Qigong and other somatic exercises designed to release tension and get the body ready to enjoy the Dance Journey.

– 6:15 pm – Musical / Dance activation

– 7:30 pm – Yaima Concert

Ecstatic Dance Agreements
To maintain ultimate freedom we agree to the following:
1. No talking on the Dancefloor
2. No Cellphones
3. No street shoes on the Dancefloor (light, soft shoes are allowed)
4. No showing up drunk or drugged, no pictures, video, or wearing of scent.
5. Respect the Space – Others’ Space and the Collective Space.
When Approaching others:
– Listen for a Yes (get eye contact first)
– Respect any No (when they are ignoring you)
– Respect the Solo Dancers’ Right to their Space
– Hands in prayer at heart means: “I see you, and thank you for the dance (that just ended).”
You will be asked to leave if you do not follow these agreements.
Thank you!

Free parking available onsite around the football field.

IMPORTANT: Entrance to the venue is across 199 Ashgrove Ave. For exact location search for Ecstatic Dance Brisbane on Google Maps.

Reserve your spot: