From Courage to Joy

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After shedding any doubts or fears and building the courage to take action – you find yourself in the Flow.
If we focus our attention only to complete tasks, over time we might find ourselves exhausted.
Anything that we do repeatedly becomes a habit, then a routine.
On the surface, things seem to be always the same. Perhaps because we only pay attention to what we need to do, and let the rest fade as background noise.
However, we tend to miss so many things.
Have you ever experienced a situation like this: you discover a new trend in fashion or a car you like?
As you open your eyes to that new reality – all of a sudden you notice so many people driving that car or wearing that accessory! Each time you recognize your new favorite thing – it makes you light up. Those details were there for a long time, but the door of perception was closed.
Opening that door allows us to see the surrounding beauty and find the sweetness in the smallest details.
Finding the nectar of Joy is symbolized by the Hummingbird – she always finds the hidden sweetness – invisible for so many!
This starts with taking a bit of time to look around without the goal oriented tunnel vision glasses.
You might become interested in what other people get excited about.
See beyond external appearances just for a minute and you might be surprised who is sitting next to you.
Let yourself discover something new about your local universe that you think you know everything about.
Give yourself some time with no task to complete and give that door of enjoyment a chance to open.