From Confidence to Courage

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Often we think confidence is knowing that we will be successful in what we do.
However nobody has that certainty 100%; there are always unpredictable events.
Everything achieved by countless generations before us was by trial and error.
This process works and the result of this evolution is in our DNA in the form of reflexes, abilities and countless skills that we take for granted as human beings.

This process of growth requires us to take action even when we don’t know the outcome.
We need to leave behind the familiar and step through the uncertainties and fears that protected us so well before.
This shedding process always starts with a small step repeated in a safe environment, with nothing visible at the surface.
It may be waking up one minute early in the morning or adding a single healthy ingredient to our breakfast.
The challenge is to be willing to do it badly at the beginning but consistently.
To achieve something visible from the beginning, it takes a lot of focus and motivation and even then we might still fail. The bigger the goal, the higher the chance of failure.
And here is the secret: doing that little thing consistently wires the habit in our nervous system that builds the courage to make the first visible leap forward when the time comes.
All you need to do is just to start shedding that fear and doubt little by little to become the unstoppable Lion.