Personal Expression – why is it important?

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The Ceremony is a practice to help yourself act on something tangible in your life.

So what is so important about personal expression and how is that going to help you?

In short: through expression you bring your personal gift to the world. Your qualities in action that can make a difference to your life and the people around you.

This should come naturally to all of us, but sometimes a traumatic experience derails us from being the person we were destined to be.

After we experience a traumatic event, our body will carry shame, guilt, fear and grief – a heavy burden that stops us from acting on our natural expression.

It could be the paralysing fear in our gut that prevents us from acting towards the relationship or job we want.

Sometimes it is less obvious like a persistent lower back pain while feeling unstable and unsupported or like a heaviness on our shoulders while we worry about too many things.

All these emotions are attached to our body with painful reminders that affect our choices everyday and before we know it, we become predictable compulsion machines.

To make a difference – we need to let go of the physical blockages that stop our expression.

This can be done only by taking physical action, in the form of a personal ritual, to rewire the body memory, so you can act differently.

The purpose of the ceremony is to offer a supportive safe space to practice and find the ritual best suited for you. What makes this one of the most effective spaces for change is the power of collaboration.

“Collaboration is far more powerful than competition. Your body and brain work best when you are joyful and peaceful, not when you are pushed to the wall.”

– Sadhguru

Thinking, feeling and analyzing the traumatic experience, without doing something radically different, will just put pressure and reinforce the neuro pathway of the toxic habit.

Trauma does not need to be recalled – it just shows up in our daily life.

The practice is not the work, it’s just getting ready to take action when the time comes.

If what you practiced in the ceremonial space cannot be applied by yourself later – it is worthless.

It’s no different than claiming that learning martial arts will defend you by itself – no need to ever fight.

When done properly, the practice shows up for you in your daily life and gives us that moment of choice before we react in fear or shame.

Courage is not the lack of fear – but the ability to be yourself in spite of it.

What part of you wants to come out but never gets to see the light of day?